Zoe flip flop thongs...anyone have them??

  1. anyone have these? I tried them on today and I'm in love:love:...I wanted them in the ivory color. I was wondering how they wear and if they are prone to color transfer, being that they are patent leather. I was thinking I will probably wear them with jeans, but I was concerned that the denim would rub off on them. So, I didnt get them and I thought I would ask you guys what your thoughts are on them before I buy. Thanks:smile:
  2. Good question...I like them too but I haven't seen them IRL I didn't know they were patent. I live in jeans so I'd love to know as well.
  3. I've seen them, they're gorgeous! I'm inclined to think they're prone to colour transfer. Can anyone confirm? Mum has the Zoe mules in pomme on order...but very little chance they can get them for her :sad: I'm also wondering what colour scratches the ivory would get? I've seen some shoes with creamy scratches, others greyish ones.
  4. nobody has these???:wondering
  5. i like them too and i wondered the same thing
  6. are there any pictures? it sounds so pretty!
  7. Jill has them but I don't remember what colour