Zoe Flat Thong On Eluxury..anyone Have?

  1. [​IMG]I just ordered these babies!OMG!ME LOVE SO MUCH!saw them on eluxury and HAD to have them..anyone own them???
  2. wow those are really nice!!!
  3. I don't have them but I tried the Pomme ones on at the Boutique last week. Pretty comfy.
  4. Pretty.
  5. They remind me of ones I bought last year...and LIVED in all summer!.I normally dont ever buy white shoes..But these are too cute to pass up!LOL!
  6. they are absolutely gorgeous but I just can't wear thongs my toes can't take it I'm going for the Marina MC's but I do like the other styles of these Love the scrolly LV
  7. OMG those are way too cute!!! If I had not have just bought some prada ones I wanted so bad...darnit! I'm gonna have to live through you now Jill! We need some modeling pics when ya get them!
  8. hehehehe...........they are named after me :biggrin:



    the pomme ones are really pretty
  9. Wow!
  10. Oh I also love them! I tried them on as well and they are very comfy but I cannot wear thongs at work so I am going to opt for another LVOE style. Congrats though, they are really sweet.
  11. so cute, congrats. I need to try them on in store.
  12. Congrats, Jill! Very cute!
  13. They're so pretty! Post pics when you get em!!! :wlae:
  14. very nice
  15. I should get em quick..They r upgrading all elux shipping for fathers day..LOL