Zoe Crimson Editorial

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  1. This forum is pretty cool and helpful. So I thought I would ask for opinions on the new Zoe Crimson Editorial. I ordered it and it arrived today. It's beautiful and very different from the (many) other Coach purses I own; however, I'm a little concerned about the size (about 15.5Hx16.5Wx5D):shrugs:. I'm 5'8", so it's not that it's too big for my height...just wanted to get some thoughts.

    Thank you!
  2. Could you post modeling pics? That way we could see how it fits on you.
  3. Have you put your accessories inside to better judge the size? I own the Woven Editorial Zoe and it's the same size as yours. Once my accessories are inside and it's against my body, the bag looses some of it's fullness.

    Can you post pics to show the size on and the color?
  4. I would love to see pics of this bag, especially modeling pics! It's on my "short list" of bags, but I refuse to buy another Coach w/o trying it on - am tired of returning;)
  5. Hubby and kids are in bed now, but I will have one of them take a picture tomorrow and post it. I haven't posted a picture on any website before...is it easy to do on this one? Thanks for responding to my thread. :smile:
  6. I got the woven editorial Zoe because Coachgrl's pictures of it were so great, and she is right about how it looks once you have your things in it. It looks huge before you put things in it, but very nice with things in it, at least I think. I have not decided whether to wear it/keep it yet, but I like it a lot and think the size is good and looks very nice when the bag is filled. My only hesitation on it is that the woven has a brown lining, and I tend to like colors or the legacy stripe or tattersall patterns. I would love to see pictures of yours as well; I bet it is beautiful.
  7. Yeh! You bought the Woven Zoe! To offset the fact that the lining is brown, I plan to use bright colored accessories. That way I'll be sure to see everything. I have a couple of other COACH bags with the same lining, and nothing gets lost.

    I hope you L:heart:ve it enough to keep it! But if you're not going to use it, definitely return it. Choose wisely!:tup:

  8. Me too! I tried on the editorial leather in black at the store last weekend, and am still on the fence about the size and decided against the woven too till I hear back from another tPFer. I'm thinking the bright crimson is going to be a bit much for my height too, more so than the woven leather.... but I would sure LOVE to get it! I just don't want it to end up as part of my collection along with several other super huge bags I really don't use anymore. I don't think the patent slouches as much as the leather either...at least the medium ones I tried in the store did not. I absolutely LOVE this crimson color, though!! I think it's spectacular!!
  9. Thanks so much Coachgrl! I am really leaning toward keeping it because it is so, so pretty on the outside, and I like that it is big, but does not look huge on because of the slouch. You are right about the bright accessories, and it does have the extra pockets inside. Thanks so much!
  10. Attempting to post a picture...

    After seeing the picture, I think I am going to exchange it for the slightly smaller one. I just decided to post the picture in case anyone wanted to see what it looks like. It is a really beautiful bag, however.

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  11. mayhurst, that's a lovely pic of you, but that's a big bag! Gorgeous, to be sure, but wow. That's like, bookbag size.
  12. It's really pretty but really big!
  13. Thank you so much for posting this! Great picture, but yes, definitely a big bag...and one that's not subdued either. I sure wish they had this in the large size! I tried the medium on in the store, and it was just too small. I think I will wait for the large berry! It should be stocked soon.
  14. definitely a big bag. i agree, if i were to get on in the future, i'd stick with large, i don't think i have enough stuff to fit in the editorial size anyway!
  15. I think it is beautiful and looks fabulous on you. I think you have to love it though!