zoe clutch still available?

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  1. I'm thinking of getting this zoe clutch (10332) but its already taken off from the website. Does anyone knows if it still available in the warehouse?
  2. what color? there are a few on ebay for good deals
  3. Sorry. It's gone. I got the last of the last two from the warehouse and took it back to my boutique. One of the SA's said they were snatching it up. The only place I can think has it (and I really don't know) would be Ebay. :shrugs:
  4. NWT Coach Zoe Signature Lurex Clutch 10332[​IMG]</IMG>

    there is another one that is gold metallic with the legacy lining that is VERY similar, but it's solid, seach coach zoe 10468
  5. Oh gosh! What a waste. My friend got the PCE card and i was thinking to get this. Thanks for letting me know. :smile:
  6. Yes that's the one! But the seller quoted me $40 for shipping! I think its a little bit too ex?
  7. that's ridiculous! where are u? what country?
  8. I'm from Singapore.