Zoe clutch in O magazine

  1. Has anyone seen the Coach Ostrich clutch in the April issue of O Magazine on page It's lime green Ostrich with Legacy lining and it's beautiful! Of course, everything else of the same page has a price listed and it does not. That usually means " we're not going to tell you the price, because it's so ridiculously expensive that you might fall over ". Oh well , a girl can dream. I'm posting a pic of the Zoe clutch just to give you an idea of what it looks like.
  2. ^^^ Sorry, for some reason the page # got deleted. It's page 104.
  3. I saw it in 'O'! It is a beautiful bag.
  4. I saw it as well and am curious about the price. I dont own any ostrich bags...yet! I hope it will be available in other colours, though.
  5. :shrugs: But it looks the same...
  6. Yes, it looks like the Zoe Clutch, but it is made of ostrich instead of leather.
  7. and you can bet the price won't be $258 :smile:
  8. LOL im crazy today I swear!