Zodiac "Tell Me Dior" necklaces

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  1. Forgive me if someone has started a thread on this, but I've searched and couldn't find one.

    Has anyone seen these in the store? If anyone has purchased one, I'd love to see a reveal. They're absolutely gorgeous and my SA told me they're each about $590 plus tax. Each sign has a unique, stunning design. I want one! I'm a Ram (lower right bottom corner). My mom might love the gorgeous lion/Leo.

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  2. I had a quick look when I was in store the other day they look to die for beautiful x
  3. Aren't they?! I love them. I can't decide whether to splurge on one of these or the mise en dior stud earrings this summer (if they're all still in boutiques). :smile:

  4. I bought a necklace for my mum and I today I'll do a reveal they are amazing my mum is Pisces and I'm am sagg they were 680nz without tax or 760 with xx
  5. Yes the scale is gorgeous !!!
  6. Beautiful designs!

  7. These are sooo cute! I am the crab...I wouldn't mind that cutie:biggrin:
  8. i am too Greengoddess :biggrin: ... i think these are adorable and would love the crab one too! they are all cute!
  9. Libra is actually gorgeous.. Someone needs to stop my temptation,jewelry is not even my thing yet I really want this necklace :cool:
  10. Same! I was on a jewelry kick for awhile a few years ago and thought I was out of it, but now that I see these beauties from Dior.......!!!!

  11. Same as me for costume jewellery but this made me rethink x
  12. +1. I would look for it next month at Paris if available 😍.
  13. They are all cute! We need matching crabs, sis:biggrin:
  14. Ok that explains it, GG8, and Txrosegirl we are all crabs! :biggrin:
  15. yes!!! we have to be!!! our love for chanel and our new obsession with dior!!! :biggrin:

    we have to be related ;)