Zodiac sign charm

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  1. I am not sure if there's a thread on this already....

    I got a zodiac sign charm for my bag! A Taurus!!!! I love it!!!! It looks so pretty on a black bag! :heart: :heart: :heart:
    taurus1.JPG taurus4.JPG taurus2.JPG taurus3.JPG
  2. :heart: It! :nuts:

    Show some pictures of it on your bag! :yes:

    I need the Gemini one! :love:
  3. Very cute! I really want to get a Libra one.
  4. i'm a taurus, too! it's cute!
  5. I have the Leo one on my coach laptop bag along with the shamrock. I love them both!
  6. CUTE!! I want the Leo one for myself, but I'm not a fan of the pink and the purple.. I wish I was a taurus or an aquarius for the charms LOL.
  7. I wanna get the Sagitarius one because it's baby blue,,, my fave color... I was soo excited when the Initial charms first came out and the B was baby blue,, I was like YESSSS!!! :yes: lolol,, the charms are adorable!!
  8. =) i got the cancer one.
  9. how cute, i wanna get one too!
  10. Congrats I love the charms they are so cute!! I already got the clover charm now I'm debating on the Aries or "A" charm. Hmmm....the zodiac charms are limited edition correct? Whereas the initial charms are out regularly. Damn but I think neither are pink or atleast patent on one side & metallic leather on the other.
  11. Very cute - I've been debating on the Gemini one. I think yours has convinced me to get it!
  12. cute!
  13. Thank you everyone!
  14. I think I'm gonna go to Coach tomorrow in between my classes to get the Sagittarius one,, I just can't resisit,, ahh Why does it have to be my favorite color?? lol,, It's just too cute!! :yes: Luckliy the mall by my school, just opened up a Coach like 2 months ago!! YIPPEE!!
  15. Very cute. :yes:
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