Zodiac - has anyone here seen it?

  1. I saw "Zodiac" yesterday...man, it was long! The movie was brutal at times, but really well done. All the actors were pretty fabulous in it.

    Has anyone else seen it?
  2. I saw it on Friday. It didn't seem that long to me at all, Jake Gyllenhaal did such a great job. I especially liked the murder scenes, the fact that they didn't try to make them creepy made them all the more disturbing. I'd definitely recommend it.
  3. I thought all of the actors did an amazing job, and I loved seeing San Francisco in the 70s and 80s. We saw the film last night, and afterward, my DH and I drove to the spot where the Zodiac killed his SF victim. The area is in a quiet & wealthy neighborhood (Presidio Heights), so I can't believe the police did not stop the zodiac when they saw him walking away--not much pedestrian traffic in that neighborhood, that's for sure. I used to go running at night through that neighborhood when I lived in the Richmond because I felt safe there (lots of private security vehicles watching the mansions) and loved looking at all of the magnificent houses; I had no idea then that the Zodiac killing had happened there.:s
  4. I saw it Friday night.

    Felt like 5 hours long..
  5. I was really excited to going to see it next week (my BF doesnt like scary movies, so ths was going to pop his cherry).. but.aww, does it really seem long? Is that because its boring and drawn out and not that exciting?

    Hows the plot?
  6. I LOVED this movie! It was long, but I didn't feel it. Nothing needed to be cut. All I knew going in was that it was a thriller, so I was surprised by how well done it was.
  7. that's the way i felt too.

    but i would say it's worth it...almost. the ending made me
  8. Still wondering if I should go... I'm such a wimp.
  9. ^^Oh Prada, lets meet and go together LOL
  10. I totally would be up for it. if !!!.... well... if... it wasn't so scary and stuff. Perhaps something by Walt Disney :nuts: