Zodiac Charms

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  1. Does anyone have any stock photos of the zodiac charms? I contacted Coach but they couldn't help me. I really liked the ones I saw and wanted to do a little calendar using them. TIA for any help I can get!!!

    I hope this is okay to post!

    P.S. Eye spy a reveal coming within the next few days. Stay tuned!!!:nuts:
  2. Oh before I forget......could anyone post the style numbers of the charms? Thanks!!!
  3. cute idea! here's the official drilldown pic for Scorpio. :biggrin:

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  4. oh and it's 94034
  5. Found three others while I Googled :biggrin:

    Gemini - 94029
    Libra - 94039
    Virgo - 94032

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  6. I bought the Scorpio a couple of years ago for me and got my 16 yr. old dd the Gemini..I got them both at the outlets...$10.00 each..
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    Hey guys!!!

    I've attached pics of the 12 signs for you all to see. I also did a collage of the 12 signs if you would like it as a personal picture. Enjoy!!!

    For some reason the pics are coming out as images instead of thumbnails. Probably because I copied them directly from the Coach archives. Beats me.

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  8. More charms

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  9. Last 2 and a collage I created using a lot of free time and Paint.:biggrin:

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  10. thanks for these awesome!
  11. Thanks!! Saggitarius is sooo blahhh