Zippy Wallets?

  1. I am currently considering buying a Zippy Wallet. It just seems the most practical wallet that LV offer. Loads of space for cards, a cash compartment, and other compartments for notes etc. Everything going for it at the moment. So, all you Zippy Wallet owners, which ones have you got? and please enlighten with some disadvantages of carrying one, so I can weigh up:shrugs:
  2. Welcome to tPF! :yahoo:I don't own a zippy b/c too lazy to zip and unzip, but if you are consider cc slots and cash compartment.....Have you consider Damier Brazza:heart:, Epi/Mono Eugine, Alexandra? Attached are pix of my Brazza, i stick check book in the main cash compartment and use the slots on the right for cash, never bulky, best LV wallet ever!
    Binside.JPG Bleft.JPG Bright.JPG
  3. hey, classic chic, thankyou for the welcome. Very observant!

    Believe it or not, I had the Brazza, and to cut a long story short, I threw it in the bin!!! (waiting for the gasps and shrieks of horror to die down)...

    The thing is, I got it heatstamped with the initials and went off the heatstamping completely. So the next time, I went in to LV to check out the Zippy wallets, they recommended the Brazza (I think you've got a bit of LV SA blood in you, lol!) and I told them about throwing it in the bin. They said that if you would have brought it in, we could have removed the heatstamped section and replaced it with a new one. I was devastated, that wallet cost me £220. Now I wanna see if it comes out in azur, but don't know if it will, or how to check.

    By the way, I love your avatar, I am after that Round coin purse in the polka dots panama collection, and have been running around england trying to get it, it is TDF!!!
  4. I have the zippy wallet in monogram and it is absolutely great - one of the best wallets I've ever had. I have room for everything and remain 100% organized all the time. I don't find it a problem to zip and unzip. I actually really like it because it doesn't end up opening up by accident in my purse (like my porte tresor international used to if I threw something else in my purse and the cosmetic bag or something caught the edge of the PTI - opening the snap - then things would fall out unless I had put them into the inside snap portion. With the zippy, if I have a few receipts - I just throw them inside, zip it shut - and I can organize later - it's really great. I hated the porte tresor for that reason - seemed to open up a lot in my purse. I also like using the zippy as a clutch if I'm just running into the grocery store or Blockbuster - it's really a beautiful wallet - made just gorgeous. I cannot say enough good things about it. I even put a checkbook register in one of the side slots, so I can keep track of my debit purchases - in one of the other slots, I keep a few spare checks. Everything fits fantastic. On one side I keep large bills, on the other I put ones and fives (so I don't accidently give out a 100 dollar bill instead of a ten or a one). The very middle section holds extra papers - there are just so many sections that each one has what I need (health insurance cards in one slot) - lots of credit card slots. It's a GREAT wallet.
  5. charelston-mom, you have now convinced me to get one!

  6. You will absolutely love it! Here's a not so good picture (taken just now at work with my cell phone, but it will help you get the idea!) - Organization and beauty - mixed - at it's best. Femininity mixed with practicality!

  7. ^ info really helps! thanks!
  8. thanks for all the feedback. The thing that does concern me is its 'femininity'. I already have the portfeuille accordeon in the taiga leather. This range is specifically for men, and that is why I got it (so no-one could say its a womans wallet). I know it seems really stupid, but i'm really insecure about people saying things like that. But, anyway, the practicality of the accordeon is what won me over when i bought it. I wish they did it in the louis vuitton cup range, because I have the artimon bag in the same range to match. But, they don't, they only offer the zippy organizer. Should i get that instead? Does anybody have that? (not necessarily the LV Cup Zippy Organizer, but in any range, though, some specific comments wouldn't go amiss). Sorry, if i'm being really difficult:sad:
  9. Okay - perfect answer - get the zippy wallet in the damier! Very masculine - yet very functional! I don't like damier wallets at all for a woman (even though I have a damier speedy) - The damier just looks like a man's wallet to me (unless it's the Koala with the red interior - which I still like in the mono better for a lady).

    So - Damier Zippy!

  10. yup, i agree, i think damier can go either masculine or feminine depending on who is using it.
  11. ITA !!!! i got mine 3 months ago it is the BEST wallet i have ever bought . i am now soooo organized and nothing falls out of it . u will love it !!!
  12. My mom has the Zippy Organzier, which is a fab wallet! I also TOTALLY love the Brazza wallet as well!
  13. I have had the Zippy since Oct. last year, and it is fabulous, I use it in all of my bags. My only regret is that I didn't know it was coming out in Damier, or I would have waited. The only downside I can think of is that since it is so large, it will not fit in a pocket or a small bag. That's what I get for hauling so much junk around. :p
  14. I own a zippy wallet in both Monogram Canvas and Mini Lin, as well as a Green Monogram Groom. They're very practical and handy and can fit everything you need! Trust me, it's THE wallet to buy!
  15. I have the zippy wallet in black epi. I love it - and I am not too lazy to zip! I love the zip b/c nothing falls out. And I have lots of credit cards and gift cards etc. and I need to carry all of them with me all the time.

    Disadvantages - it's ginormous. It fits in my day bag (saleya) but I always need to jam it into a smaller evening bag to make sure it'll fit. That's a drag.

    My DH has the Zippy Organizer - which is bigger - and he loves it b/c it holds even more.

    Yeah - we're LV geeks. His n' Her's matching wallets.