Zippy wallets: indentation on the cloth (edge) around zippers?

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  1. I was going to purchase a clemence wallet and went to the store to see it for the first time in person, but I found out that the cloth on the 2 edges of the wallet around the zipper closure was always depressed/held down (inward). The SA said that's for smooth zipper and every lv zippy wallet would have that. I was a little disappoited and I'm wondering if you zippy wallet owners all have that. Thanks!
  2. What are you talking about? If you're talking about how the zipper edges are tucked in, it's supposed to be that way! If it wasn't, then the edges would fray!!!
  3. I'm unclear on what you mean. Could you share a pic?
  4. If I'm understanding you correctly, you're talking about the fabric parts where the zipper is attached right? If that's the case then mine is not depressed when the wallet is open but when it's closed (zipped all the way closed), there's a little depression on each corner of the fabric. I stress the word "little" because the depression is only very slight. The middle parts of the fabric and sides are flushed to the canvas so the only depression is on the top corners.
  5. Yes, thanks! Then the one I saw in the store when closed was depressed too much. And how long do you have the wallet? Would it be depressed more with wear and tear?
  6. Yes, thanks!
  7. Clemence is a fantastic wallet!
  8. Hi Jing77

    My wallet is 6 yrs old and no, the little depression did not get any worse. It was already like that when I bought it and it remained that way 6 yrs later. I've used the wallet every single day since I got it. The zipper was hard to zip on and off at first but it loosened up with continued use so now it's very smooth.
  9. Thank you so much!