Zippy Wallet

  1. I am thinking about buying this wallet ( only shows this available in mono or epi, i was hoping it came in damier). anyways, just wondering if anyone has this wallet and if you think it's a good wallet. seems like it can hold a lot. :smile:
  2. oh and in mini lin as well!
  3. It comes in the groom as well. I don't own one but it's very big IRL.
  4. This wallet does come in damier! I have the epi one in black and I love it!!!
  5. Ohhh..get it in groom if u can...the compact zippe isn't all too big...and it's a beautiful blue (if u like blue and the groom i.e.). It's a great wallet if u r a pack rat like me...
  6. In the groom line they only have the zippy organizer (and it is really big). I have the plain zippy wallet in mono (I think elux is sold out) and I love it! I did have the compact zipped wallet in groom but exchanged it because it was too small.

    Hope this helps!
  7. thanks, ladies! this wallet is definitely growing on me and i'm so happy to hear it comes in damier! i just might have to add this onto my wish list! thanks again for your input!
  8. I just bought thie mono zippy wallet and really like it. I got from Saks which sent it no tax, $13 shipping - depends where you live.

    I really like the size and I kept reading in the forum that it was very durable. The organizer is much bigger and will hold a checkbook. If you don't carry that, the wallet is perfect. Lots of room for cash and receipts, 8 slots for credit cards.
  9. Sorry to disappoint, but the Zippy WALLET does not come in Damier, only the Zippy Organizer. I picked up a Mono Zippy Wallet in France a few weeks ago. I love this wallet, and wish it would have come in Damier as well. I am sure that now that I have purchased it in Mono that it will be in Damier soon.
  10. I saw the Damier zippy wallet with my own eyes and held it in my hand yesterday at the LV store inside the SF Bloomingdale's. Not the organizer. The wallet. So yes, it does come in Damier. It's very lovely, too. I want one!
  11. Oops! I thought she was talking about the zippy organizer. I didnt realize there were two different zippy's! I have the black epi organizer and love it! :heart: :love:
  12. IMO, I love Mono Zippy Wallet!
  13. Are you sure it was the Zippy Wallet and not the Zip Compact Wallet? I did verify with the store in France that Damier was not available in the Zippy wallet....

    Attached are pics of the Zippy Wallet from Elux...
    elux_Zippy_out.jpg elux_Zippy_in.jpg
  14. i really hope it does come in damier!!