Zippy Wallet

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  1. HI All, My DH temporary lifted my ban and decided to give me a new LV as our Anniversary gift this valentine days :yahoo:.

    I have an Amelia wallet already but fall in love with my sister pomme d'amour zippy wallet. the question is should I get the same color with her or choose another color (amarante ?)

    should I go with zippy or insolite or vernis organizer wallet ? can you give me any input such as pro and cons of the wallet ? Thank you in advance for your help... this forum and all of you are the best as always :heart:
  2. The Zippy in Amarante is gorgeous!

    How about the Sarah in the new colors?
  3. HI sweet purple :heart:, I Love the new color (aren't they gorgeous)...but I don't really like Sarah due to the fact that it has a button instead of the zipper. I'm kind a worry looking at the load of my current wallet it will impossible to button it :P

    I do ask the SA if they will make the Zippy with that new color but so far they say NO :sad:
  4. I would get the Zippy in black multicolor! I have it and love it! If you want to get vernis, I dont think it matters if you get the same color as your sister.
  5. I have the pomme zippy wallet, its the perfect size! I absolutely love the pomme color and get so many compliments. Since your sis has pomme, consider amarante its so pretty too! My second choice would be insolite wallet its really nice as well.
  6. I say go for the Amarante zippy wallet!:drool:
  7. I think the Amarante zippy is gorgeous. I have it in Violet and get lots of compliments. However, if you really love Pomme, then get it.
  8. I think you would be very happy with the amarante zippy. It is an amazing wallet!!
  9. Thank you all for the input :smile:
    so far it seems amarante is the one, but does anyone have the organizer wallet ?
  10. i have the pomme PT international and it works really well for me...I needed something that could handle all the change I seem to amass.