Zippy wallet vs. Pochette

  1. Opinions? Pros and Cons to each?
  2. Hi mrsmsb,
    which wallet are you considering, a mono zippy and mono pochette? I know what your going through, I almost got a zippy wallet. I chose the Pochette Wallet, because I didn't want to be zipping and unzipping all the time. I love the zipper on the zippy wallet, I almost chose this wallet because of the nice zipper. But I'm so happy I went with the Pochette Wallet. I just got it this wallet on Wednesday. I know if I went with the zippy wallet, I probably would of wished I went with the Pochette. I can't say anything else about the zippy because I do not own one. But I love my Pochette Wallet. :tender:
  3. I'm thinking of the vernis.
  4. Pochette wallet would be better for you.
  5. i like the zippy wallet...but it's soooo BIG
  6. I love my zippy wallet because it holds lots of cards!
  7. Well I bought the pomme d'amour zippy wallet and the thing was just so big and flat looking. I returned it and got the pochette wallet instead. I think it's more feminine looking and the snap adds a little something to it too. Plus I love how easy it is to get in and out of.

    Good luck with your choice!
  8. zippy is too big for me. go for pochette
  9. I like the pochette version so much more. The zippy is cute but it's pretty big.
  10. I love my Zippy wallet.... If I knew it was going to come in the new red vernis I would have waited for that....
  11. do u carry many cards w/u, keep receipts? if u do, zippy might work out in the long run, but if not, the pochette wallet is the one to go!
  12. I have and LOVE both styles!!! The zippy definitely holds more, and not that much bigger than the pochette. Check out the "wallet club" thread :graucho: i've got a size comparison pic there...
  13. love both style
  14. love the zippy wallet in which ever color from whichever line! esp the new Pomme D'Amour vernis!!!

    good luck!