Zippy Wallet vs. Koala Wallet

  1. Hello,
    This is exciting - any suggestions which wallet to get? I know I love all LV wallets, but because its a big decision, I wouldn't mind hearing from others.

    Which would you get and why?
    1. Zippy Wallet - Pomme de'Amore (new red)
    2. Koala Wallet - Pomme de'Amore (new red)

    The Koala will be here tomorrow, Zippy Wallet next week.
  2. i like the zippy wallet because i tend to accummulate a lot of change (not sure how large the coin compartment on the koala is) plus i have a ton of cards (credit cards, membership cards, health cards, etc) and i love the zipper! both are lovely though. i think the zippy wallet is gorgeous in the new red. there is another tPFer who just bought one and posted pics. good luck with your decision!
  3. I guess the biggest question would be do you care that your biills are folded ?
    I dont care for that, thus my owning the pti, It holds a ton and nothing needs to be folded( easier to get in and out,)

  4. I agree with monkeydog, I would go for the zippy. It holds more, the Koala is very cute but seems a little too small for daily use. Whatever you get enjoy that new delicious red!!
  5. I have both the Koala and Zippy and I prefer the Zippy.
  6. I love my zippy. But the koala is cute. Still, get the zippy!
  7. What do you mean by that?
    Ohh (edited) mean, the wallet folds. lol...yea not a big deal to me
    I loove the koala.
  8. I'm actually muddling through the same problem as you are!! I'm kind of leaning toward the Koala though, however... I'm currently using the Groom Compact Wallet and it doesn't seem terribly small.. anyone know if they're about the same size (the Compact Wallet & the Koala, that is)?
  9. I like the koala wallet cuz i like the golden koala clasp (which can easily get scratched) and the zippy wallet is WAYYY too flat and 'hard' for me.....

    PS: sorry I said that I'd PM you about the release date of the pomme d'amour in Canada, but my SA didn't know and told me "within one month". Not very helpful, so I didn't PM you, but I SWEAR i made the effort to ask lol, my friend was there as my witness!!!! lol please don't be mad! lol
  10. I love both and I don't care money or change. Just alot of credit, medical, discount, gas, library, and you *name* it cards. About 20 in all. And tons of little notes and receipts!!

    If you need to carry alot of change the Zippy Wallet has a better capacity than the Koala.

    Good luck with your decision!
  11. Koala because it can fit into pochettes and I like smaller wallets. Also I think it looks classier. :biggrin:
  12. I prefer the Koala because it holds more credit cards (9). I have too many plastic.
  13. Zippy!

    While I personally prefer the Koala in terms of size and look, there's just not enuff for spare change in the back pocket and usually looks really bloated when u have too much change.
  14. i love a zipper. lol. i think the koala would scratch and annoy me. lol
  15. I like the zippy.