zippy wallet question

  1. If you dont carry alot of cc's with you, do you think the zippy wallet is too big and unnecessary? thanks
  2. Nope, I don't have a lot of cards. I just love the style of it. It's such a great wallet!
  3. while i like the compartments and the idea of it, i do think it's too big. i think the alexandra and the french purse are great sizes.
  4. I don't have a zippy wallet (I have a few other wallets), but I do know this, I'd rather have too many cc slots then to few!
  5. i actually only carry 1 or 2 ccs, but i have a borders card, b&n card, staples teacher rewards, and gift cards, etc. that's how i will be using those slots. i carry them in my bag in a mini pochette accessories pouch but i think using the zippy will make me more organized (a goal of mine).
  6. I just got my zippy yesterday and I'm normally a small wallet person. But I have a feeling that I am going to love the zippy and all of the organized compartments -- one for receipts, one for checks, one for cash, etc.
  7. I have a zippy wallet and I don't have a lot of cc's either but I have discount cards and also carry my checkbook, driver's license, recepits, etc.,....if you carry extra things aside from cc's-like I do, then the zippy is perfect, IMHO:shrugs:. Also on the plus side it can double as a clutch which I use when I don't feel like carrying a bag. If its what you like I say go for it:okay:.
  8. i have the zippy and its filled!!! i love it because it holds everything you need!

    and like deelaa said i use mine as a clutch too sometimes!!!
  9. zippy is excellent! i have room for c.c.s,receipts,cash,discount cards etc. i also use it as a clutch sometimes..
  10. I had the zippy in vernis pomme and to me it was just too big. I carry about 6 cards or so and I got the pochette wallet instead. I think the button in the middle broke up the "bigness" of the wallet.
  11. I love the zippy, and there are so many cards in life - I only have 2 credit cards. And I have to sort out personal receipts vs receipts for work. I usually only switch to another size if I'm carrying a purse that's too small for the zippy. It is a marvel of organization.
  12. I have the zippy in pomme as well and I love it. I'll never stop singing the praises of it on here. I, too, thought I was a small wallet person until I got it. It just makes it sooo easy to stay organized and it really isn't that big. Plus, I like being able to just carry it clutch-style if I just need to run to the grocery store or something.
  13. I own 3 Chanel continental style wallets and am fascinated with my LV zippy wallet (and zippy coin purse). Both are so useful and hold everything I need and more. You can put grocery store cards in the cc slots, pharmacy cards, insurance cards, etc. I honestly think I love the zippy wallets more than the Chanel!
  14. The Zippy is great! You can store so much in it. Even if you don't have a lot of CCs, there's enough room for tons of cash, bank/ATM cards and Gift Cards. I am so in love with it!

    The only problem I have.....I can't bring myself to put coins in the zipper compartment. I think they'll just continue to live in my MC Pochette MM.
  15. I think it's perfect. I just got a mono zippy and love that it has so many compartments.