Zippy wallet question.

  1. I am interested in getting a zippy wallet or zippy organizer wallet but I am not sure if I should get mono, damier, MC or epi. Which one would go with all different bags? I have mono, epi and mc bags. Can I see some pictures of your zippy's if you have one?
    Thanks peeps. ;)
  2. I think Mono and Damier are all so classic and go with pretty much anything.

    Depends on which bag you use the a matching wallet! :nuts:

    Epi is good too!
  3. I would love an organizer any pattern !!
  4. Anyone??
  5. I would say Damier, it's durable and goes with everything
  6. I have a Epi Zippy in rouge (red) and I absolutely adore it! It's very practical and goes with everything! It's almost one year old and after an everyday use it still looks and smells like new. It's an AWESOME wallet!
  7. I have a mono zippy and I LOVE it! I carry it in everything---LV, Balenciaga, Prada, Chanel...I'm not a matchy-matchy type as you can prolly tell!
  8. I'd go with Damier... classic and elegant!
  9. Thank you.
    Off topic but where are you in Virginia? I am in Va too!!
  10. I LVOE my Zippy wallet. I have it in the Denim. It is a fantastic wallet to get. It will carry everything you need.