Zippy Wallet/Purse, what to sell it for? Help Please!

  1. Ok so I just bought a monogram zippy purse off eBay (it's authentic) and it's the one with only 2 credit card slots then the place for bills and change.

    I haven't used it really. I've only had it for a couple of days. And it's in excellent shape. No scratches or marks or anything, though I think there might be a slight tear at the corner on one of the slots.

    Here's some pics of it. I'm just wondering how much you think I could get out of it?
    I looked on eBay and some have gone over $200 but I'm not sure if they are real. So I don't really want to go off that.

    Any help would be appreciated! And also, how much did it retail for?

    I just really really need the bigger one with more slots for cards!

  2. Maybe the experts in the Louis Vuitton section could help you out! Sorry but I don't know much about that piece ...
  3. I POSTED IT THERE! And they moved it here! Grrrr!
  4. Hmm... maybe you could post again and just ask how much it would be worth if you were to sell it?
  5. How much did you buy it for? That's likely what you can get for it, I think...
  6. that's what I was thinking to tracy.... around what you bought it for.
  7. I paid under $200 but I think I could get more. IDK

    Is it bad to put a BIN of more than what I paid?

    If it doesn't sell for that it's ok but just to see?
  8. ^ i sold a used one about a year ago for 310- you got yourself a deal! just be honest and disclose any flaws and you should be fine! or, put it at a best offer- that way you take what you want. good luck!
  9. Wow thanks!

  10. Oh I'm having the same issue....just won the same wallet, around the same price, and it's too small! :lol: well, maybe we see each other at the marketplace...;)
  11. Yeah haha maybe... Mines up now...
  12. OMG! I bought the wallet for like $180 and someone just purchased it with a BIN of $325!

    Wow that's the best deal ever, for me anyways. But for them too.

    I'm in shock. I didn't know if I'd be able to get that out of it!
  13. ^ wow that's awesome! congrats!!