ZIPPY WALLET, possible to get pictures ?

  1. Bonjour, I would be interested for buying a ZIPPY WALLET but I never saw it IRL, would it be possible to get pic from you girls who already bought it ? Merci. Florence
  2. I have the Zippy Wallet in Vernis Framboise and I :heart: it so much! It such a pretty, spacious and functional wallet and yet, not too big. Here are some quick pics I took with my computer (quality isn't too good, sorry!) but it'll give you an idea! Hope you end up getting one too...its definetly one of my faves!
    Zippy Wallet (ext).jpg Zippy (int).jpg Zippy (Side).jpg
  3. in mono or what color/pattern?

  4. the zippy in vernis framboise is the prettiest wallest out there IMO:love: ...I absolutely love yours!!!:P I really want one...but I'm scared of the price!!:sad:
  5. Dragon Girl, your wallet is gorgeous! :heart:333
  6. I have the zippy wallet in mono...unfortunately I am in the hospital due to some pregnancy complications, so no pics......but I love this wallet. Very well made. I love it since it zips I don't worry about stuff falling out or getting lost, and if I don't want to carry a purse in, I can carry just my wallet, or if with the kids, stick it in the diaper bag.

  7. Oh my gosh.....are you all right? i am so sorry to hear about your pregnancy complications..... i hope you and the baby are well! :flowers: please get well soon! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    those pics are not my wallet....but some bigger size zippy and new mini-lin zippy "inside"!:P
    Zippy Organizer $580.00    detail_03.jpg Zippy Organizer $580.00    detail_04.jpg img10613730420.jpg
  8. I love zippy wallets, any zippy wallets.
  9. Bonjour Dragon girl and thanks for pictures. Don't you have any problem of color transfer with the vernis when it is inside your bag with other leather or not stuffs ? Merci.