Zippy Wallet in Which Material?

  1. I think I've decided on a zippy wallet, but am stuck on which material to buy it in. I tend to be a little rough on my wallets, and want this one to last for a little while. Would canvas (monogram or damier) be the best choice? What about epi, vernis, or suhali? I really like the vernis in pomme d'amour or the suhali, but am worried that these two are too fragile.
  2. If you are rough with your wallets then definitely go for the mono or damier.
  3. Maybe a mono or damier for something more low maintenance as opposed to vernis?
  4. i love vernis zippy but i reckon they're fragile, so i say go for the mono or damier, i prefer damier over mono
  5. I have the Mono, and I love it! It isn't sensible and it looks great! Go for it.
  6. I've had my pomme zippy for almost a year and it still looks brand new. I'm not super careful with my wallets and I just throw it into my bag. I don't have any scratches or color transfer. I think that the Perle is more prone to color transfer or yellowing, but the darker vernis colors are fine and very durable.
  7. I have mono as well. Carry alot in it and still looks new after approx. a year.
  8. It's down to either Mono or Damier Canvas... I say go for Damier!
  9. Love the new violet vernis zippy. But for durability i say damier.
  10. either mono or damier!
  11. Vernis :love:
  12. vernis.
  13. i love love love my suhali its held up awesomely, and i love the black mc too.
  14. violet vernis! sooo nice. Or maybe way until it comes out in the new epi colour?
  15. I'd get it in White MC .... BUT since you say you are a bit rough with your wallets I'd go for the MONO then. :yes: