Zippy wallet easy to use?

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  1. Hi All----
    Planning on getting a new wallet---and currently own the Koala which is similar to the Joey. I was planning on getting a Joey--since it is similar to the one I have and I really like it.

    But thinking about a change---
    Maybe the Kusama Zippy?? But I have never used a wallet like this and I am wondering how easy it is to get in and out of with the zipper. Is it a great wallet? Do you love/hate the zipper?

    Would love to hear pros and cons because I am really debating between these two....Joey vs Zippy??

  2. Love love the zippy. My things feel very secure and the zipper is easy to get in and out of. And it is so smooooooth! I'd def get a zippy wallet-- maybe in the coin purse if you want something small?
  3. Great to hear that the zipper is smooth!
  4. Zippy is my favorite wallet - so easy to use!
  5. I just bought a Zippy a few months ago and I really like it. However, in my opinion, it can be a little annoying to get my credit cards in and out. I still love the wallet though and I glad that I chose it.
  6. Hi--thanks for letting me know about that. That is my main concern. I actually may go back to the French wallet. I had it many years ago--and honestly don't know what I did with it. But I did like it a lot. I know it is not the latest style--but it worked for me.
  7. Hi there!

    Personally, I think the Koala is much cuter than the Joey and just like you, I was also contemplating a Zippy after I gifted my mother with a ZCP. I love the practicality of the Zippy! However, as a longtime devotee of compact wallets, I find the transition from small to big wallets very hard (I'd previously purchased a Gucci Continental that I barely used and eventually gave to my sister). So for you, maybe give the Zippy Compact Purse or the Zippy Compact a try and if you like it enough, upgrade to a full-size Zippy!
  8. I agree with you! I think if I was going to get a zippy I would get the compact. I think I am just used to a small compact wallet. That is what I have always had my entire life, and I think for me and the way I function I just need to stay with either the Joey or the French wallet. I just think it would be too hard for me to transition. I think I wanted to try something else---just to be different. But I think after this thread I realize it just won't work for me. Thank you all for your awesome opinions and help! Much appreciated!!
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    I had the zippy for a few hours and exchanged for the sarah..I need quick access to my debit, discover card, gas card etc. I like the four slots in the front for the most used cards and the back slots for the not so urgent cards. Personally I found the zippy a bit of a pain unzipping around the opinion only:smile:
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    I just got the Blue Kusama Zippy Wallet. I have a Vernis zcp and a cles so this is my first full size wallet and I love it. Because I have the two others I never really considered the full Zippy and then I saw a reveal of the Kusama and couldn't resist and I have no regrets. :smile:

    I'm sorry I just read your post and you're right, if you're used to smaller wallets then the compact would be good. The Zippy is rather large. I do still love my Zippy Coin Purse. :smile:
  11. I have the ZCP and would never buy a non-zippered wallet again. It seems more secure and is really no trouble to get into. If I needed more space I would definitely go for the zippy wallet or zippy compact.
  12. Zippy is my fav wallet for daily use. it fits so much inside including my Blacberry phone. Everything is secure inside with the zipper. I really love my Kusama zippy.
  13. I totally agree. and, I've had mine for 2 weeks and I haven't zipped it since I got it.
  14. I have 2 zippy wallets, one is vernis and one is black multicolor. I love them both so so so much!!! The zip makes the wallet really secure and also sometimes I use it as a clutch and put my iphone 4 in it, and it fits perfectly.