zippy wallet as a clutch?

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  1. The SA told my husband that I could slip my phone (palm pre) into my zippy walltet and use it as a clutch? What do you guys think?
  2. i have a non-lv zip wallet that i always use as a clutch. it works great, and its really convenient to just slip your phone and even lipgloss in there and head out the door.
  3. love to carry my zippy as a clutch, but my phone does not fit in it~
  4. Maybe... I haven't tried it, but it sounds like it could work!
  5. I think you will stretch it out. The teeth of the zipper will pull tightly and potentially cause damage.

    I would not do it.

    It is a wallet not a clutch...I don't know what that SA is saying. She must be desperate for a sale.
  6. Try doing a search, I think someone posted a pic of their cell inside their Zippy. It could work. I guess it depends on how thin your phone is.
  7. I tried putting my iPhone and Blackberry 9700 (not at the same time) in my Zippy and it's really a tight squeeze.

    My Zippy is quite new... do you think it would stretch out after some time?
  8. I've put my iPhone inside mine w/o any issues. don't carry it like that very often but it's very cute as a clutch, actually one of the reasons I bought the zipppy
  9. I agree with LVjudy- I can fit my Motorola Droid in my zippy just fine, as long as I'm not carrying too much change. But then again, I only carry bills, credit cards, and change inside my wallet- it's not stuffed to the brim with receipts and the like.
  10. Here is my zippy with my iphone. I love the zippy!!!


  11. I'm sure it would work out fine but may sure it can zip close without stretching to avoid damaging it.
  12. I use my wallet as a clutch often. If I just have to run in somewhere quick I don't bring my whole large bag.
  13. Sounds good to me ;]
  14. I think yes! But it's easy to lose.

    By the way I love your dog.
  15. I could see using it as a clutch, as long as you don't have a ton of change and other papers in it (like another poster mentioned) I have the sunset orange zippy wallet, but my phone is to big to fit in there..................aaahhh I need an Iphone LOL!