Zippy vs. Pochette Wallet ??

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  1. So, I have finally decided that I will get a LV wallet! Im pretty sure that these 2 models are the most popular, and they're the ones that appeal esthetically the most to me. Which one is your favorite and which one is more functional? TIA:heart::smile:
  2. zippy rocks!!!! i love my zippy sooooo much, get one and you will be happy forever (well at least with your wallet). i haven't even LOOKED at another wallet since i got my zippy in early 2006.
  3. I actually think the zippy is really cool because you can just zip it all away.....the pochette is beautiful too and has added pockets, but I'm wary of the snap breaking (I had a PTI a long time ago and the snap sucked).....

    Which zippy do you have in mind? I have a thread going about mono vs. vernis.....
  4. I have a Pochette Monogram wallet, Which I love. I also just recently got the Zippy Coin Purse in MC Black. I would say if you get a zippy wallet, go for the Zippy Coin Purse as a wallet. You will love the zipper, and how cute it is. It comes in MC White / Black, and Monogram, and both Damier....And it is available in Epi. So many to choose from lol.
    I recently bought a Damier Azur Speedy, so I'm also considering buying a matching Zippy Coin Purse for this Speedy. Once I buy the wallet, I want to post and share my new Speedy 25 and Wallet :tup:
    but...I can't say enough how much I love the Zippy Coin Purse. And I can imagine how nice the bigger Zippy Wallet is going to be a nice purchase if you decide this. I voted for a Pochette Wallet, as I still love my Pochette Wallet. But check out the Zippy Coin Purse wallets. They are so cute. And made in France. :yes:
  5. I LOVE the Pochette... it's my favorite of all the LV wallets!!!
  6. Pochette wallet. Imo it's the best model, so practical :yes:. Zippy has maybe a bit more elegant look but I prefer Pochette.
  7. Zippy gets my vote!! All the way!
  8. Zippy ATW!

  9. That's tough ~ I like both equally, I guess it boils down to whether you want to have to zip and unzip to get to your things or just deal with one snap?

    Sorry, not much help ~ which line were you thinking of?
  10. I love both, but if I had to choose, I would go for the pochette, because it's just a bit more classy and elegant IMO. But they are both great and you can't go wrong with either one of them. I do agree with dazlinpearl: if I would get a zippy wallet, it would be the zippy coin purse. It looks so cute and it's very practical if you wear a small purse.
  11. I love the Zippy. It rocks :P
  12. Both are really beautiful, but I prefer the zippy!
  13. I vote for zippy! It holds a lot without being too bulky. In my opinion, it's the perfect wallet. I have a Mono Zippy wallet, black MC Zippy coin purse, and this week just bought a black MC Zippy wallet.
  14. i love both styles as they are very functional! I personally prefer the pochette wallet more as it offers more CC space. I also like that when you open it up you can see everything, no need to turn it around to see the other side (like the zippy as the CC slots face each other on oposing ends). If i didn't have an agenda I think I'd go for the zippy as it offers more room to store things in, but since I do, the pochette size is perfect for me! Forces me to carry less junk in my wallet! lol
  15. I just purchased the Mono Zippy Wallet and I love it.