Zippy vs. Pochette Wallet

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  1. I have a pochette that I'm selling because it has just 2 card slots (even though it holds like 6 cards). Anyway I want to get either the newer pochette or the zippy. I know about the pochette so I'm looking for Pros and Cons on the zippy please. Thanks!
  2. Funny.. I just bought a groom zippy on eBay! Sorry, it will be my first one so I can't really comment as of yet. I know it has a ton of cc storage.. plus it is "thick" enough to accomodate a passport and receipts etc...
    Good luck with your decision.
  3. Like the pochette-epi, the zippy is nice but afraid that eventually the zipper won't work-never that with a snap. new Size of pochette can accomadate more cards as well
  4. I prefer the zippy wallet. I don't like the "puffiness" of the pochette, if that makes sense. I like the fact that the zippy has a lot of organization/slots/compartments inside but stays slim once all zipped up. I find that it fits better in my purses.
  5. I have a pochette wallet that hold 10 CCs, one bill slot, one zipper coin slot, and 2 free compartments which I use one for receipts and one for my check book. Trust me, I utilize every space possible with this wallet, and it still look gorgeous and not puffy at all. I saw the zippy in the boutique, it is chunky without anything in it already :shrugs:
  6. I had a vernis zippy once. I exchanged it for the pochette because I didn't like how big the zippy was, and kind of plain looking to me. I liked the break up of the vernis with the little button of the pochette. I did like how it had lots of slots, but the pochette one does too and now it has 10 cc slots too and that's what I like most of all. I don't think the zippy has 10??
  7. i have the zippy. i love it! the best wallet imo!
  8. the zippy has 8 cc slots..but lots of room for extra cards.. not slots though..
  9. I like the look of the zippy so that's not a concern of mine. I guess I'm concerned with when you open it. I picture opening it and everything is just out there if you know what I mean. My pochette, I open it and I have control. Does this make sense to anyone?
  10. i have both zippy (vernis framboise) and pochette wallet (mono - little older version and holds 6 cards - 2 in frount and 4 on the back)....

    i used to LOVE the zippy and i used use her everyday during the summer time....i know it's because of the color - PINK and it gave me nice pop in my bag (i have matching framboise agenda too)....

    and it fits alot!!! and somehow i manage to fill up the entire space in no time, i put just about everything in there. before you know it, it's filled with recipt and i get lost with where i put my paper$ in.......too many bill slots in there!!! LOL

    i find myself keep coming back to using my pochette wallet. i know EXACTLY where i put everything and i don't let myself get too confused~ even though i have my terrible two year old daughter with me all the time (screaming), i don't forget where i put what (lol) in this wallet!! LOL

    and the zippy....after using her that long, i STILL forget which side i put what cards!! then i have to turn my wallet around all the time~ (i dunno cuz i'm pregnant or it's coming with my age....i forget easily!)

    my vote.....
    POCHETTE WALLET with 10CC!!! (i wish mine holds 10cc too....right after i got this 6cc one, i got heatstamped! i put 2 cards in every slot though)
  11. here is my zippy....BEFORE leaving the house.
    i can't show you what it looks like AFTER going to shopping spree (with cash...!) which never happenes....but you know what i mean...!! LOL
  12. Thanks Sophia! That was really helpful! I thought I would get "confused" with the zippy for those very reasons. I have the pochette with the 2 pockets and like you, I know exactly where everything is when I open it. But I think the look of the zippy is more fresh, hipper, etc. do you?
  13. I like the zippy. I have the Porte one and the sealer around it has started to peel. I think with the zippy you don't have to worry about the sealant.
  14. I prefer the pochette wallet because all i have to do is unsnap it and it's open. With the zippy i feel like It's too much work to unzip all the way around. LOL! I guess i'm just lazy
  15. My vote is for the zippy. I have it and love it. It still looks brand new.