Zippy Paddington???

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  1. Twinklette posted this Zipper/East-west paddington bag waaay back in March. I was wondering if i can still find this bag somewhere. Anyone seen it? Or does anyone on have this bag?

    Does anyone know if this style is being continued?:confused1:

    I like the zipper top with the lock at the side. Love it!!! :nuts:

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  2. I really like how this style looks! I second the request above ^^. I'd love to see more pics of this.
  3. Not sure if this still being made but I have seen at least one authentic one on eBay.
    You might check too! Good luck!!
  4. I PM'd you back on's the East/West Paddington. Liv Tyler has it so here's some pics of her chocolate one. As for finding it, the style is discontinued so your best bet is ebay...BUT make sure you post here so we can help you authenticate

  5. Hello Twinklette! Yes, i'd read your message. Thanks for the tip! I will have to start prowling ebay now!!! Hate it when this happens.

    I've seen Liv Tyler 's chocolate one in some photos too. I've asked some nordies about it then (sometime in May?) but no one seems to know anything about it. I thought that it was a fake paddy. Apparently not!!!

    hmwe46, i checked out that website you suggested. They do not have that style anymore. Thanks anyways!
  6. Yep, Cricket is completely authentic. An authorised Chloe Dealer :yes: , do not order from them online though! they are slow to pick up orders, call them and they are very helpful on the telephone :smile:
  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH +sonja+ !!! Now which color should i get!!??

    chloe-babe, cricket is an authorised chloe dealer!? I wish they would put more photos of the paddy.
  8. Luna I would go w/the camel since they don't have cream. Yay!!! So glad you could find it.
  9. Do you know if they ship to the US? They have some lovely bags! :love:
  10. Twinklette, isn't this the cream??? Notice the leather holding the key? It looks like the photos has been tampered with!!! Oh dear?! Could it be a fake? :wtf:

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