zippy Paddington

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm a newbie to Chloe but I have been lusting after the Paddington for a long time. Recently I came across some pics of the zippy and I absolutely love it! I have been *slightly* obsessed with finding a bag that zips at the bottom and this is it! I'm sorry if this is a stupid question but I don't know anything - has this style been discontinued? The Chloe selection in my city is SADLY lacking and I don't think I've ever seen this style IRL at my local Holt's. Whenever I go there, they don't even have a regular Paddington, it's so lame! Anyway, I am now on the hunt for this bag. Does anyone know where I can find some and do they cost more than the regular Paddy? TIA!
  2. I feel your pain!!! I too was once on the hunt for this bag as I fell in love with it after I seen the picture attached. I wanted the large, which was no longer being sold in the stores. I finally found one about two months ago on for $999:nuts:, needless to say I was overjoyed, and she was all I had hoped she would be:yes:! I hope you find one too.....
    What size are you looking for? There is a large still available on overstock:


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  3. i love these east west bags! ive been looking out for one to, there are a couple on ebay at the moment!
  4. I had two and they are 1 lb more than the medium paddy satchel.. maybe even 2 lbs more.

    I loved it, but the colors i chose were too neutral for me.

  5. Your pics are what made me fall in love! Did you sell them?

    Thanks for your links everyone, I will start hunting now! Looks like it will be a challenge.
  6. ^^^^ Yes, they are long gone... and the thing is that I don't miss them. I think it was the color that made it easier for me to let go since i have tons of bags in that neutral color. But if i didn't have bags in those colors, then i would've totally kept them :heart:
  7. ive bought a few paddys in the past that have been the wrong colour, its funny that you have to get the right colour to appreciate the bag!
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