Zippy Organizer & Key/Change Holder Redundant?

  1. I just bought the larger Pomme D'Amour Key/Change Holder ($300) and have the Zippy Organizer ($700) in my cross hairs. I'm wondering hough if that makes sense. Will I really use the key/change holder? Anyone out there have both?

    My thinking for wanting the Zippy Organizer was that I wouldn't have to also purchase a checkbook holder, coin purse, wallet, etc.

    When I was at Saks I just couldn't resist the Pomme D'Amour color and thought it would be nice to add the key/change holder. I just want to make sure that I'm not 'wasting' money on any duplication!

    Your comments are welcome and useful! :confused1:
  2. Pomme is such a tdf color and an SA told me that 2008 will be its last year in production. Perhaps you can keep it, or get something else that might be of more use to you in pomme.