zippy organizer -- how is it?


Mar 18, 2006
Is it worth the price? Is it far superiror to the PTI? I am trying to decide b/t the two -- i like a change purse and a checkbook holder all combines, so i'm thinking those are my two options. I see PTIs on ebay all the time, but not zippys -- I of course I want damier, so that will be even more rare. So if you have one, what do you think of it? Is it that much better than the PTI? thanks!
It's THE BEST wallet by LV IMO. But I like a giganto wallet. I handled it in monogram and Damier last week and it's so awesome!
Also, it wasn't included in the price increase :smile:
I love my damier zippy i use to carry a vernis porte-tresor international, and the zippy keeps me much more organized. I use the check book slot to keep all my reciepts. love love love!:love: