Zippy or Pochette Wallet


Zippy or Pochette wallet?

  1. Zippy wallet

  2. Pochette wallet

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  1. I want to get a wallet that can hold several cards, and room for coupons/passport, and perhaps a purse pen. And I've narrowed down my choice to either a Zippy or a Pochette wallet.

    I like the Pochette wallet cos it looks a bit more compact than a zippy but yet still fits a good amount.

    Which would you pick? :smile: Also have any of you carried a cellphone in either of those wallets? :biggrin:
  2. I really love the Zippy and would buy that over the Pochette Wallet. Both hold a lot and both are cute, but I love the Zippy because it is super-secure since it zips all the way around and it looks cute as a clutch when you just want to carry your wallet.

    I remember seeing a picture of someone's phone in their zippy (i think it was a framboise zippy pic), but I'm not sure who. Sorry. I think that if your phone is pretty flat, it would fit in the zippy.
  3. Zippy gets my vote.:smile:
  4. I am one of the few people here who don't like the look of the zippy.
  5. I LOVE my zippy, great wallet.
  6. Zippy
  7. I voted for the zippy.

    Mono? Damier? azur? :supacool:
  8. zippy, i am thinking about getting one myself. It seems a lot more secure, and accoding to the dimensions on doesnt really seem much bigger at all.
  9. Zippy vote here.
  10. love the Zippy
  11. i have both ..... mono pochette wallet and framboise zippy.

    i LOVE zippy better, fits more *not that i need to put more in poor wallet looks like it's about to give birth....!* and super CUTE!:tup::heart:
  12. I have the Zippy and love it. Since I bought it especially with travel in mind, the security of the zipper sealed the deal. My phone fits in it nicely. Here's a pic.
  13. i like the zippy better.
  14. Zippy is better.