Zippy or Insolite?

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  1. I am currently in a state where I am contented with my bag collection, but I am thinking of purchasing a long wallet in monogram. :smile: Hopefully, I expand to the other SLGs in the future :smile:

    I have a vernis PTI which I found useful, but I want another long wallet in a different style. I also have a French purse which I use whenever I use my crossbody bags (Eva and Odeon PM). I used to have an ebene Sarah wallet, which I sold to fund another purchase.

    I am choosing between the Insolite and Zippy wallet. I find both styles pretty and I can see that they can hold a lot of cards (I carry a lot). Which do you think is the better ofthe two? And for the owners of either the Insolite and Zippy, what are your thoughts about them? Pros and cons? Any help will be most appreciated, and thank you in advance! :smile:
  2. I specifically checked out these two when I was looking for a wallet. The insolite is much bigger than I thought but I really liked this style over the zippy. It's a great choice if you have a lot of cards too.

    Good luck!
  3. I have a zippy and a international. And I really like the zippy!
  4. I was debating a few wallets when I was shopping and went for a vernis zippy. I was nervous about the zipper considering I used mostly continental "Sarah"-like wallets before. initially I was worried about getting used to the zipper but it's actually really great to keep everything inside comfortably including my phone.

    I love it so my vote goes for the zippy!! I don't think I'd ever change wallet styles.
  5. Insolite !!
  6. Zippy; I feel like it is more secure.
  7. Zippy is my favorite LV wallet!
  8. Insolite is my favorite LV wallet! I've had mine for over 4 years and it still looks new!
  9. Zippy looks best in monogram
  10. insolite
  11. I have both and prefer my zippy. I feel more secure with the zippy. With Insolite I don't. The little leather zippy pulls are a little irritating on the Insolite as well. Insolite makes a better clutch however because of the little dring attachment. I think zippy is more of a classic too. Hope this helps.
  12. Zippy in monogram. I just bought one yesterday and love the card slots and its secureness. SA showed me the insolite wallet too but I wasn't feeling it. Zippy is more secure. I had bad experience with cards falling out of my wallet. It will be very hard to do with the zippy wallet.
  13. I love my insolite! :biggrin:
  14. zippy:smile:
  15. i was debating the 2 too, and went with zippy! Loving and enjoying my zippy, no regrets! :smile: