Zippy Multicartes or Key Pouch?

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  1. I've been using a Victorine wallet to hold all my gift cards, coupons, and rewards cards, but I honestly only got it because it has the 2017 Christmas polar bear print on it. I thought it was the perfect use for all my gift cards, and if I ever needed a smaller wallet, it would serve that purpose as well. In reality though, I find it bulky and big for the way I'm using it. It would be fine it I was using it as an actual wallet, but I find it too much for something that's essentially just meant to hold my cards. Plus, my husband bought me a small Coach wallet for Christmas from the Wizard of Oz outlet collection they did. It's the Toto print, which looks just like my actual fur baby, so as much as I love polar bears, I will choose Toto over polar bears every time I need a smaller wallet. Between the bulk of the wallet and my lack of need for a small wallet, I'm considering selling the Victorine, getting the polar bear round coin purse (which I actually do have a use for), and getting either the Zippy Multicartes or Key Pouch for my cards.

    I have about 16 gift cards plus a few rewards cards. I already have a key pouch that I LOVE, and it would fit the 16 gift cards but not the rewards cards. If I go with the key pouch, I would need to put the rewards cards and coupons in my actual wallet, which is fine but not my favorite option. I do, however, love how slim and compact the key pouch is, and I love using the key pouch as a bag charm so it would be double-duty. The Multicartes, from what I can see, would be a better option for all my cards, but I'm concerned that if I find the Victorine bulky, I will also find the Multicartes bulky. Also, it doesn't appear to be in stock online, and I'm not sure if it is planned to come back anytime soon (or at all). Not sure what to do...go with the Multicartes that would fit everything I need (assuming it ever comes back in stock)? Or go with the key pouch that I know and love?
  2. You seem to carry a plethora of cards so this is a no brainer...go for the zippy!
  3. take the multicartes. I carry about the same amount of cards as you do, and the multicartes make retrieving easy. It's very organized and you can see everything clearly. I used my multicartes for a long time and i never once regret my purchase.
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  4. If you like to see the cards before pulling them out like I do, get the zippy multicartes. It is my favorite LV wallet of all.
  5. I agree with everyone above. I love my multicartes. It makes seeing your cards easy and the accordion style enables for quick view and access to what you need.
  6. Thank you all for your input! It does seem that the multicasts makes most sense for the number of cards I carry. Do any of your find the multicasts particularly bulky?
  7. No, I don’t find it bulky. That being said, you obviously can’t fit it into a very slender pouch or purse. For most purses, it is fine.
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