Zippy/ iphone

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  1. Does anyone have a vernis or mono zippy wallet and do you have an Iphone. Does the iphone fit inside?

    (could you post a pic)
  2. I owned a Zippy (gave it to my mom) and Hubby has an Iphone. I think it would fit but would make it bulky IMHO.
  3. I always put my iPhone in my Zippy Wallet when i go out without a purse :P
  4. :smile:
  5. Must add that my wallet is not full of stuff.. I just keep my cards, some papers and hardly ever cash in there...

    Snapped some pics for you:



  6. thats what i was hoping for :smile:
  7. Thanks so much.... :smile: you have been a great help.
  8. That looks great! Makes me want a Zippy too!
  9. I did the same with my Sarah Wallet by the way...
  10. Could have looked up measurements but those pics work. Love that color.
  11. Thanks for posting the photos
  12. I have the damier zippy, and I put my iPhone in the middle. But that's when I don't have a lot of coins
  13. Could have but wanted a visual :P
  14. In the zipper part ? Do you have a cover on your iphone?
  15. I tried this in my MC zippy and it was too tight. I guess I had too much other junk in my wallet!