Zippy Empreinte or Retiro

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  1. Hi everyone, which one do you like better? and for Empreinte zippy owners, is the leather too soft to hold up?

    Many thanks!!
  2. I love the Empreinte leather. It's actually very durable 🏼
  3. I like the retiro. Especially the combination of the black leather and canvas!
  4. My Emp Zippy has been holding up perfectly, no wear issues at all. The structure keeps its shape just fine.
    These are both gorgeous options. If you're a Mono canvas person, I can see the appeal of the Retiro. I just love Empreinte in colors.
  5. I like the Empreinte, I hope to get one in the near future
  6. Love both. Depends on what would be best tie breaker for you: price? Ability to match with multiple bags? Like the idea of full leather vs. canvas?
  7. empreinte!
  8. empreinte!! :smile:
  9. Hi, my main concern is the durability and how it holds up. I had a bronze empriente speedy but it looks beaten up after a while. I wasn't sure if its the colour (a light gold/beige) I was wondering if the black empriente leather will look better and also being such a soft leather, an everyday wallet will hold up nicely. Thank you for the response :biggrin:
  10. I have a black empreinte cles that I use as my everyday wallet. After a year of constant use (and no babying whatsoever), it still looks great. I would go for the noir empreinte zippy--it's so lovely and the leather is wonderful!
  11. +1
  12. Hi there! Which wallet did u get?! I'm wanting the retiro!
  13. Empriente ... That leather is divine.