zippy compact wallet thoughts?

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  1. I have been looking for a wallet to store my long bills flat, and all my extra cards in the upright position and was thinking about the Brazza wallet. But how about the ZCW? What I don't like about it is the Zipper - I like the idea of just opening up the wallet, but I figure I can probably just leave it unzipped in my bag, and when I need to use it alone, I have the option of the Zipper to secure it when I use it without my bag.

    Anyone have the ZCW for extra cards and cash, and use another wallet for CC and ID. My other wallet I use is the compact Curieuse wallet empreinte leather but I don't like putting my cash in it since it gets folded and there's not much room for other cards.
  2. I had the zippy compact and sold it- It drove me nuts that my receipts and bills often got caught in the zipper and the area to hold bills was too deep. Instead, I bought a Sarah wallet and couldn't be happier. I also have the Marie wallet with the little red snap which is adorable and fits perfectly inside my Eva clutch!
  3. i have the zcw and have used it every day for about a year and a half. i absolutely love it because it transitions from a large purse to a smaller one without changing out. having said that, i can't really imagine leaving it unzipped. if you prefer a wallet that does not zip, this might not be the wallet for you. not familiar with the brazza so can't help you there. maybe someone else has some ideas for other alternatives.
  4. I have and adore the favorite every-day wallet. I probably wouldn't carry it around unzipped...haven't had an issue with my items getting stuck in the zipper. As the previous poster suggested, the Marie wallet is also a good choice if you aren't wanting a zip option.
  5. I have the DA ZCW - love this wallet. Mine is unzipped most of the time - haven't had any cards/cash/receipts slip out in the 2 years of daily use I've gotten out of it so far. I use a purse organizer, so with the other items (cles, agenda, cosmetic case, key holder, etc) the wallet actually stays nicely in place w/o needing to keep it zipped. The zipper for me is more about aesthetics, and it feels more secure when I'm using it solo for quick errands. HTH, good luck!
  6. I have the ZCW as well. I will +1 the poster above me. Mine stays unzipped and I have no problem with anything falling out. I also debated the zcw and the brazza. Having the zipper was a bonus for me for those days when I wanted to just run with my wallet and phone (my galaxy 4 s in its trident case will zip up inside the wallet no problem). That was the clincher for me. I also love that it will fit into my back pocket (it sticks out, but it fits!) Good luck with your decision.
  7. I would splurge and go for the Zippy wallet. You can store numerous credit cards and multiple bills. If you're interested in the Brazza wallet, I would try it out in the store... IMO, the Zippy seems more practical if you want to have a pocket for bills. The Brazza has always seemed a little awkward to me whenever I've looked at it in store. You could also check out the Sarah Wallet.
  8. In my opinion, the Brazza was too thick to be a wallet on the go. Is it a slim wallet? Is it a full wallet with a change purse? Who knows! :lol:

    I actually got a Hermes wallet similar to the Brazza. It's beautiful leather with no change purse, so it's perfect for me.

    Now for the Zippy Compact Wallet. I love it, although it's my last main wallet in canvas. The only reason I still have it is because I got it hot stamped. It's perfect for slumming. Although, I'm not sure one can say "slumming" with a wallet that costs so much, right? I love taking it out of my purse; it's so bright and cheery.

    I use it for exactly how you mentioned: I put my main cards, receipts, IDs, etc. in the ZCW, and use either my RM Cory Pouch or other coin pouch (Zippy Coin Pouch, etc.) for quick in and out. It seems complicated, but it's really not to me. The bill compartment is indeed deep, so sometimes I use it in sections. One country's currency on the left side, another country's currency on the right side, receipts in the middle. It's very useful.
  9. Not a huge fan of the ZCW, loved the mC colors but the style just didn't work for me.
  10. I had it & sold it.. It drove me crazy also.. I now have the Sarah wallet & i love it