Zippy compact wallet (old model) - similar layouts?

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  1. Hi,

    So it seems I've missed the boat with the old model zippy compact wallet. I love this bifold zip around style. Anybody know of any other wallets (any designer) that has a similar layout?

    From browsing on Reebonz, I know they sometimes feature one by Prada called the "Saffiano short zip around wallet" which has a similar layout, except the coin compartment is on the exterior. However they don't always have this style available and I'm not sure what the official name of the wallet is.

    Other than the Prada, I haven't come across another wallet with a similar layout. Any help would be much appreciated!

  2. Gucci do one exactly the same style and size. I looked at it when I felt the same as you but instead I went with the new style LV ZCW and would not change it for the world I love the concertina style it is so easy to use.
  3. Pallas compact wallet is kinda similar
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  4. Do you have a pic?
  5. Of what?
  6. I was also looking for a wallet similar to the old model zippy compact, and I ended up getting the full size Adele wallet from LV. It's not identical, but I really like the layout - it has two zippered compartments (I put coins in one and cash in the other) and 12 card slots with 2 compartments inside. iPhone 6 can fit in one of the zippered compartments too if you have a thin case. I was trying to find something like the old model zippy compact, but I really like the Adele wallet as an alternative so it might work for you as well
  7. I've only seen one so far and it has less pockets and slots and not same quality. I'm still looking too
  8. I think the Adele wallet is nicely designed, reminds me of the insolite wallet. I already have an empreinte Sarah wallet so am looking for something a little smaller in size. The old zippy compact would have been perfect!
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  10. Gucci :smile:
  11. Have you looked at the Gucci signature continental wallet? It has 16 card slots

  12. So I have finally purchased and used the Prada Saffianowallet in bluette/cornflower blue for over a month and and I'm loving it! I have never used the old model zippy compact wallet but have seen it in person several times in store (just never bit the bullet). In my opinion, this Prada wallet is very similar in terms of size and layout. The main exception is that the coin compartment is on the exterior of the Prada wallet whereas it was in the interior of the old mode zippy compact wallet. I actually prefer the exterior coin compartment.

    Here are some photos I took:


    Back (with exterior coin compartment)


    Top view showing the bill/notes compartment

    Zipped up

    The wallet features 12 cc slots, 4 document/receipt compartments (these are quite tight and difficult to fit too much), 1 deep bill compartment which fits all the Australian banknotes and 1 exterior coin compartment which is sort of hard to get into as it is not a huge compartment, this is also comparable to the coin compartment in the old model zippy compact.

    Dimensions of the wallet are L 15cm, W 10cm, D 2cm (when full of my belongings).

    After a month of continuous use, the credit card slots are still quite tight and difficult to slide my cards out, although I'm sure this will loosen up over time. I love the sturdy Saffiano leather and I find I do not need to baby my wallet as much as I did my previous LV vernis Sarah wallet. This is also fairly lightweight even when full. Because of the shorter length, I am able to fit it into most of my small bags, e.g Gucci Soho Disco, LV Eva Clutch, LV Alma BB epi and even though it was a tight squeeze, I could also fit it into my Furla Metropolis crossbody.

    I'm not entirely sure what the actual name of the wallet is called as it is just listed as "wallet" on the Prada e-shop website: I purchased mine from Reebonz

    Anyway, I hope this helps somebody else who is on the lookout for something similar. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

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  13. That Prada is a really nice wallet. I wish LV would remake the old style zippy compact. ~ XOXO
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  14. Beatiful wallet Thank you for sharing.
    Can I please have the model number and full name if the wallet? And the price too if you don't mind :smile:
  15. I would love to love this wallet only the cash compartment is too deep and I have to dig, dig and dig to get my cash and my cash is always haphazard in there. Love the 3/4 size since it's not too big/full sized and not too small (can't fit things a wallet worth its name should carry).