Zippy coin vs Ludlow

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  1. Which do you prefer?

    I need a small wallet for when I use a clutch or my Eva out at night, only needs to hold 2 cards, keys (I don't want them to scratch up my camera if I bring it out with me that night), and some cash, so it doesn't have to be big.

    Or is there something else you would recommend?
  2. i think a monogram cles would be suitable. hold cards, some cash and keys!
  3. I had to decide between those two, too. I also needed a wallet that would fit in my Eva and all my other clutches.
    I bought the zippy coin and I love it. It holds 6 cards and a lot of coins you can fold you bills to fit in it.
    The Ludlow is much smaller - it can only hold 2 cards - I would only recommend it in Vernis - it looks really stunning in Vernis but I didn't like it in Mono.

    Have you considered the Vernis keyholder with the nameplate, too?

    Here's a pic of my zippy coin:
    ...and with the keyholder:
  4. I'd love to get the Zippy Coin. I love it so much, especially in Epi and MC.
  5. I really wanted a small wallet too and purchased the zippy coin! It's perfect. But for slimmer and even smaller evening bags I purchased the MC card Holder. Which works wonderfully!
  6. I have the Eva and I have a black MC Zippy Coin that I use inside of it all of the time and it fits absolutely perfectly! I would definitely suggest going with any of the zippy coin purses for the Eva.
  7. I agree that the ludlow looks best in Vernis, I would get it in Vernis if I were to get one! As for Zippy Coin, I like it in Epi or Vernis since I already have 2 monogram things, and would like a bit of colour when I take it out of my bag!

    Looks like Zippy Coin is winning so far...!

    (PS - gorgeous pics, dreamcherry!! Thanks for posting them)
  8. I much prefer the zippy!:yes:
  9. Go for the zippy
  10. I prefer the zippy, but i have the ludlow. when i bought my ludlow the zippy wasn't available yet.
  11. Zippy coin of course! The most practical small wallet LV ever made :tup:
  12. I like the zippy!
  13. I have the mono ludlow (bought it before the zippy came out). It only holds a few cards, bills folded and coins. I use this in a small clutch or pochette with a cles for my keys (keys go inside the cles- there's a thread with a pic). Keeps my iphone or camera from getting scratched that way and everything fits nicely. The zippy coin is a bit bigger, but more practical if you want to use it in larger bags and carry more cards.
  14. Zippy coin purse! I don't like the ludlow because I thought it was too small, like the cles. Zippy coin purse is less streamlined than the ludlow, but you can hold much more.
  15. I also have the zippy coin purse in damier azur and love it. Its the perfect size to fit into a small evening bag.