Zippy Coin Purse

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  1. Does anyone know if it's going to be released in Damier? If not...I think i'm going to buy the mono..I got to thinking about the zippy vs the snapped billfold and thought i'd be better off with the zippy and it's cheaper too :upsidedown:
  2. I've seen someone's thread where the Azur is on elux now? I'm assuming if they have it in Azur, they would have it in Ebene?
  3. I hope they do... :biggrin: Anyone know what the price of the zippy will be after the increase?
  4. I think it will be about $305 after the increase. It was mentioned that the increase is 5%. Not a bad price still! ;)
  5. I purchased the zippy coin this past Saturday and I was told it was comming out in Damier in stores on April 15th, which is tomorrow. Hope that helps.
  6. good news ~
  7. I want the MC Zippy Coin Purse! So cute! The Damier cute too!
  8. awesome, i'm gettin' damier! :biggrin: Same price as the mono?
  9. I believe so leesh, I paid $290 for the mono on Saturday
  10. I went to LV today to pick up the MC zippy coin purse and I wanted to see if they had a damier one for my bf. No such luck.
  11. uh oh...I hope they release it :sad:
  12. THERE IS A DAMIER ZIPPY COIN PURSE! i see one on elux
  13. i was at lv raffles hotel singapore just now, and i saw both the damier ebene and damier azur zippy coin purse! cute! retail is SGD455. ;)

  14. So yesterday was the release date of the Zippy Coin Purse in Canada? I called and I have 1 saved for me but I was told I couldn't have until May 1st. Where did u pick yours up jellybebe?