Zippy coin purse:which one?

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  1. Hello to everyone!
    I want to buy a zippy coin purse but I really can't decide among the different lines (mono, damier, mc, vernis), they're all too beautiful!
    Can you help me?Which is the nicest one in your opinion??Thank you!
  2. I love the vernis violette and multicolore black. Good luck w/ your decision.
  3. vernis galactic blue so pretty
    or in rose pop
  4. I love the vernis pink ones
  5. i recently got one in amarante...i had a hard time deciding as well. love MC but worry about dirtying the inside and the longevity of the silk screening. have too many mono pieces and wanted something with a lil more pow than damier. debated on epi, but decided its not for me. i have a vernis agenda and its held up well to abuse, so decided for vernis. since i already had amarante, i decided to match (does show fingerprints though!)
  6. i like the mono and damier ebene. :yes:
  7. I'm getting one in Vernis or debating a grafitti one.
  8. I have one in Mono and White MC. I'm buying a Verni one in Pomme today. Will be getting a Pink Graffiti one when it comes out. I know what you mean, they are all beautiful.:heart::heart::heart:
  9. One of the new gorgeous vernis colors for sure!!!
  10. i have the epi Cassis one, and the interior is the Grenade.. it's a beauty! :tender:
  11. I vote for Vernis in Pomme or Rose Pop
  12. Amarante Vernis. Just a delightful piece.
  13. multicolor white!
  14. i like the damier azur..
  15. Get the Graffiti, it's LE and it's simply stunning.