Zippy Coin Purse Vs. Zippy Wallet

I Am Looking For A New Wallet And Am B/w Zippy Coin And The Bigger Zippy. I Already Have One As Big As The Standard Zippy But Another Model. Anyhow, Does The Zippy Coin Hold Enough Dollar Bills Or Is It Too Small?
i don't have one, but i've seen a zippy coin purse in person, and it looks like it could easily hold dollar bills (you just fold them up). i only like small wallets so i am actually considering getting an MC zippy coin purse to use as a regular wallet.
I have both and although I'm used to the bigger zippy, I'm giving myself a break because it gets so heavy when it's stuffed! I am actually loving the mini zippy. It's a bit of a mindshift to carry a smaller wallet and I have to find somewhere else to put my receipts but it's good so far!
I have a zippy coin I bought a few weeks ago and it is the BEST!!! It holds a great amount of cards as well as can hold tons of bills folded in half! Highly recommend one!!!
I LOVE my zippy coin purse! So much I'm thinking about getting another one (different pattern - I have the mono). It holds a ton and as for my receipts I have a small cosmetic pouch that I put them into now instead of my wallet. Works wonderfully!
thanks for everyone's opinion. jellybebe, that's the thing i am worried about. where to put my receipts/etc!

Some receipts will fit in there, especially in the spots where most people carry coins (between the card slots and the middle partition, if that makes sense.) However, not ideal for long-term storage but then again, I don't like to keep receipts in my wallet for too long anyway, just until the return date has passed.
I love my Damier zippy coin! It hold a bunch of bills and cards and even coins! Very practical and small enough to fit in my pocket!
same. i have the azur and it's great. it was weird at first not carrying around so much but i now realize i didn't need to carry so much before.

eta: i have the zippy coin
i don't own the zippy coin purse but based on reference pics, looks like it can hold alot though it's a mini size of the original. i would like one in MC white. it's so cute!

i do own the mono zippy wallet which i adore. it has eight cc slots and four long pockets for bills, receipts, and coupons. love mine!