Zippy Coin Purse - Normal Wear

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  1. I am new to LV and curious if you feel this is normal wear. I've had the ZCP since January and I do use it as my everyday wallet as I don't carry many cards. I do only carry one card per slot but noticed that one particular a lot is basically coming apart. All the others are fine. Has anyone else encountered this and would you consider this just part of normal wear and tear? I'm pretty disappointed as I've had it for what I feel is a short amount of time. Thanks!!
  2. I don't see the part that's coming apart. Can you circle it?
  3. I'll try, not very good at that. But it's the white part that is showing. The leather is coming apart. I'll try getting a different picture too.
  4. image.jpeg
    You can see in front of the top card it's separating whereas in the bottom card it is still sealed together if that makes sense.
  5. My ZCP has held up nicely since purchasing it about 2 years ago. Looks new. It's hard for me to see what you are disappointed with, but I would definitely take it back to LV. It should not be tearing/separating. Good luck
  6. I don't think the material separating is normal wear for such a short period of ownership.

  7. +1. Not normal.
  8. Ive had mine for 2-4 yrs and have not had that kind of wear. Im not even clear on whats happening from the photo but maybe the glaze did not hold?
  9. Take it in to the store. I'm sure they will either repair it or replace it for you.
  10. I'd agree. Take it back to the store. I've had my card wallet for many years now and none of the card slots are coming apart!
  11. Finally was able to get to the store today. They took a look and immediately replaced my wallet on the spot. They are so incredibly awesome!! We're very apologetic and friendly. Great experience.

  12. That's great!! GL w/ ur next one!