Zippy coin purse in vernis or Josephine wallet?

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Which wallet should I buy?

  1. Zippy Coin purse in vernis

  2. Josephine wallet

  3. other suggestion

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi all,
    I'm about to sell my BNWT agenda in pomme vernis and with that money I'm going to buy a new wallet, my first LV wallet actually.
    I love the vernis zippy coin purse but somehow I think it's to small, the compartments don't seem so functional but rather easy to tear off.
    So now I'm keen on the Josephine wallet, which seems more functional. Plus I love the shape.
    What is your experience? I know many of you love the coin purse but what is your opinion about Josephine?
    Any other suggestion?
    Thank you
  2. full size vernis zippy wallet!!!
  3. I always vote for luscious Vernis!
  4. I would save for a Vernis Sarah
  5. so not a fan of Josephine wallet
    it looks like a LV branded envelope....
    any french purse will be good!!
  6. Vernis Sarah!
  7. Between a Zippy Coin purse and the Josephine i will vote the Josephine. I saw it in person and i did like it. I liked the price and like the detachable coin part of it too. And if you do not have a wallet i think it is a good choice to start with.

    However, when you compare a Vernis wallet like for example the french purse or the sarah Vernis it wins in mind 100%. But the price is different too. If you have to money i would go for a Vernis wallet! They are tdf. Otherwise i would buy the Josephine.

    Good luck!
  8. Vernis ZCP or full sized Zippy!
  9. between vernix zcp and josephine, DEFINITELY VERNIS ZCP.

    else, the full size zippy or sarah both in vernis!
  10. I voted for the Josephine wallet because I LOVE it, I think it's really adorable and very fuctional, and I really like the idea of the removeable coin purse. I think the zcp is great when you don't have to carry a lot, not to use as an everyday wallet, but that's just me! If you can though, my ultimate recommendation would be a vernis sarah. It really is a stunning wallet an worth the price! Good luck with your decision!
  11. I have both the Sarah and the ZCP (which I bought when I took my Sarah to get repaired). I love how cute the ZCP is, but I find that I have to clean it out pretty often, and I like how I can carry everything with my Sarah. If you carry tons in your wallet, the Josephine (or Sarah) is the way to go, otherwise get the ZCP. It's soooo pretty!!
  12. Thanks so much for all your precious comments. The LV boutique is just 20 minutes away so I'm going to carefully check both in the next few days.
    The vernis Sarah is beautiful but the price is too high, I doubt I'll ever spend that much on a wallet (except for the Astrid which is is also a beautiful clutch!), I could almost buy both Josephine and Vernis zippy with that money...:drool:
    Last question: which color for the Vernis? Pomme? Bleu nuit? Rose Florentine?
  13. vernis full size zippy or sarah.
  14. My favourite colors in Monogram Vernis is Amarante (which I am carrying now) and Pomme. They are dark and colour transfer is less of an issue. I try to find the Vernis with the deepest Monogram impressions. I love my Vernis to be pillow-y. :biggrin:
  15. My vote is for vernis zcp in pomme:smile: