Zippy coin purse came out today!!??? NOOooooo :(

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  1. Its out in Azur too:heart: I say buy both :P!! But I understand, im also in college and its tough budgeting for LVs!
  2. I agree!!! :tup:
  3. baby of fashion - It comes in black and white but the picture of the black isn't showing up on elux for some reason... not sure if you can still purchase it or what.. but it's up there right now if you're interested!
  4. The zippy coin purse is no longer available on eLux. Don't see it on the LV site either.
  5. Hi ILoveLouis,

    I just called and asked regarding the MC zippy coin purse and the MC card case. They're both on eluxury. BTW, these 2 items will be launched in LV boutiques by 4/15, and the latest would be 4/30 (spoke to a SA on 866 VUITTON). I'm also interested in getting either one.

    Just an idea, maybe you would want to look at the card case too. The card case is very cute and it's a little cheaper ($265 US). I think you can store a few credit cards in the card case (kind of functional like a mini wallet).

    I hope you can your zippy coin purse soon!
  6. I would want a zippy.
  7. petunia12 - thanks for the info! as convenient as ordering online is I think I'd rather buy it in the store cause there are certain color combos I don't really like. The card case is cute too but I wouldn't want to settle, ya know? Thanks again!
  8. Get both if you can, but sell the Cles if you have to!
  9. You're welcome. I know what you mean. You should definitely not settle for less. I am debating between the small zippy and the card case. I really have to think hard about this. I already have 2 wallets (the mono tresor and azur pochette). I just want something small and practical. We'll see.. :girlsigh:
  10. I'm in the same boat as you. I didn't know it was coming out either and now I'm dying for it. I'm loving the MC Zippy Coin Purse. I think you should sell it and put the money towards it. You really seem to want it and probably won't be satisfied until you do. Good luck!
  11. Is it really out already? I don't see it in elux or How much did it end up costing? Thanks.
  12. It is out, but it might be sold out in eluxury. They do replenish the items and they'll eventually post it on eluxury again. These MC zippy coin purses are going to be launched by next Tuesday, 4/15. It is retail at $380.