Zippy coin purse came out today!!??? NOOooooo :(

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  1. I just need to vent here because today I found a good deal on a black MC cles which I had been eyeing for a while to replace the mono one I'm going to give to my mom. I won the best offer for $155. Ever since I saw pics of the MC zippy coin purse I've been DYING to get that too. Well now I see the zippy is on eluxury and I'm soooo mad at myself and realize that I should have bought that instead! I know neither item is very expensive compared to the items others on tPF have but I'm in college and can barely afford LV right now. I'm so mad at myself for getting the cles when I could have put that money toward the wallet if I knew it was coming out the SAME DAY! Oh GOSH. I'll just have to find a way to fund the zippy coin purse.... lol. This is terrible :crybaby:

    Thanks for listening to me rant!
  2. hey fellow new jerseyian haha!! Sucks about all this.. but at least you have one of the two and the MC cles is hott.. enjoy it =]
  3. Can you sell the cles and then buy the zippy later? Hope you feel better soon! :heart:
  4. does anyone know about the monogram canvas zippy coin purse from hongkong? the one that says 5 canton road on a gold plate in front, and on the inside of the zippy it is all gold!

    i begged a friend to get one from me, it should be flying over soon! ;)
  5. FASHIONmike - YEAAA new jersey. it's the greatest state, no doubt about that. lol. and you're right, the MC cles is definitely hot! Thnx!

    adajal -I could sell the cles but perhaps I will just keep both... :smile:

    bagaholicboy - I think of seen a pic of it it looks reallllly nice. Congrats on getting one! I've been dying for some MC accessories though!
  6. If you can't afford both the cles and zippy, I'd suggest to try selling it and then use the proceeds to fund the zippy. GL!
  7. I would get the Zippy too!
  8. noooooooooooooo lol
  9. Aww, any chance you can sell the cles for what you paid and use the money towards the zippy coin purse? The zippy coin purse seems a lot more practical and functional if you don't already have a regular wallet.
  10. missyanne - I'm thinking about doing that. If I get it in and it's in good condition like the pics show it will be reallyyy hard for me to sell it! But everyone here DOES always rave about how functional the zippy coin purse is! Maybe I will just get the zippy too!
  11. get it!
  12. No worries - get the zippy too! :tup:
  13. ITA. I am going to sell one of my Hermes Charms to make some funds for a Cerises or Groom Cles soon. ;)
  14. I love the MC Zippy Coin pretty! Hope you would find a way to get never know!
    Does it only come in white? No black?
  15. The zippy is more practical and functional. Hope you could sell the other one soon if you dont have enough funds.