Zippy Coin Pouch Question...

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  1. As some may know by now I just purchased the Mono Zippy Coin Pouch today, and while I was loading it up for use tonight I stumbled upon a question.

    There are 4 credit card slots on either side of the pouch (2 each side). And behind those credit card slots, there's another slot - just from how the wallet is constructed, it's not REALLY a credit card slot.

    I don't want to overstuff the wallet but I have been eyeing those 2 extra slots. And I am mindful of advice I got from an SA a while back - which is to not use slots for anything if it wasn't designed for it because it could damage the item.

    And while I agree with her logic, I'm still looking at those slots thinking it really COULD be used for 2 more cards that aren't used that often but I'd like to have on me just in case...

    Thoughts anyone? Agree/Disagree? Am I being just paranoid or too aggressive with the coin pouch... After all the goal was to carry less...

  2. Firstly congrats on your new wallet! Regarding the cards, is it a tight fit? If you have to force it in then it's not meant to store cards, it might also stretch the lining getting it in and out.
  3. i thought the other slots are for business card slot?? i could be wrong
  4. maybe its better to put a receipts in it instead? i wouldnt risk it cause technically its a coin pouch. not a wallet.
  5. Do you have a pic. I''m a lil confused.
  6. Here's a picture. Sorry I don't know how to do labels but if you look at the photo you can see:

    a) in the middle is a business card slot
    b) top of the coin pouch there are 2 credit cards slots, same as on the bottom, but you can also see on the bottom of the pic how the 2 credit card slots lift up to make another slot (so it's like a credit card slot - but really this is a 4 credit card coin pouch). It is leather under there so nothing should tear or rip, and it isn't a tight fit (as you can see how it lifts up a bit just by opening the pouch).
    c) the 2 pockets on either side of the middle business card slot are for coins and folded bills.

  7. I doubt you would actually damage it
    go ahead and use the slots for cards is my advice ;)
  8. wow i've never notice zippy coin has more than the 4cc and 2 middle coin/dollar notes slots!
  9. I have the zippy coin purse. The back pockets that are on either side of the wallet (above the cc slots) can be used for anything. I keep money in one pocket (the money is folded in half) and in the other pocket, I keep my car registration/car insurance cards.

    I keep a total of 4 credit cards - one cc in each slot since I don't want to stretch out the cc slots.

    In the center section, I keep my driver's license and medical insurance card.

    And on either slide of the center section, I actually keep two gift cards (one on each side).

    Use the zippy coin purse in which ever way works best for you, but I would recommend not overloading the zippy. If you zip up the zipper and the zipper material looks distorted, you will probably have too much stuff inside the zippy coin purse.

    I think having a lot of coins inside the zippy could make the wallet get a bit bulky. The key to this zippy coin purse is to not take EVERYTHING with you!! Just put in what you need and don't take excess credit cards, etc. that you can leave at home or perhaps put the excess cards inside a mini pochette? (That's what I do....)

    Congrats on your new Zippy coin purse!!

    I don't actually keep coins inside the zippy coin purse as I don't want the inside to get dirty.
  10. Congrats on your wonderful purchase!

    I am loving this wallet and the many slots it has to keep us all organised.

    I think you can use the slots for anything you want, but rem to check from time to time that they are not stretching out the lining. :yes:
  11. Thanks everyone! I used the coin pouch for the first time last night and I am in LOVE!! I think it is a perfect sweet and small wallet!!

    If this EVERY comes out in any of the other styles I know I'll be getting another one!!