Zippy Coin / Porte Monnaie Plat / Ludlow?

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  1. Dear All LV's lovers,

    I am new to this forum & also extremely new to LV. Currently having a tough decision making on choosing which one as my wallet. I love mini & handy wallet, using Coach Soho Flap Coin Purse (is very mini!! but can onli hold 1 cc & bills in a compartment & e other compartment is for coin), other than that i m also using a ferragamo small wallet (also small but slighly bigger than e Coach Soho Flap Coin Purse) now. I really take lotsa fancy for mini wallet, (when i meant mini, is real mini!). LOL!:yes:

    If vote for Zippy Coin: Damier, Monogram or Multicolore?

    If vote for PMP: Damier or Monogram?

    If vote for Ludlow: Damier, Monogram or Vernis?

    Ps: Kindly don 'cooly' ask me buy all 3 of them cos i cant afford!
    May I know e rates of these 3 wallets in Singapore LV boutiques?
    In SGD$ pls..

    Welcome & hope all users of these 3 wallets to advice me on its pros & cons.

  2. Zippy Coin in Mono or Black MC :yes:
  3. i second that ^^ zippy coin in black mc!
  4. I recently purchased a MC zippy coin and might return it as its really small.
  5. Zippy coin vote here - mono or black mc are the cutest IMHO!
  6. Zippy Coin in MC (I like both black & white. :P)
  7. Thx alot for all ya kind advice..
    Seems like no one interested in PMP or ludlow?
    Personally i prefer a Zippy Coin Purse in Damier but really looking for lotsa advice on u gals (or guys?)!!
    But I am afraid e Zippy Coin Purse is too large for me as I am really tiny build & expected wallet are those size of a PMP..

  8. zippy coin in MC! & welcome!!
  9. If you're not afraid of it being too small, the zippy coin purse is perfect! I vote for the Damier zippy coin purse, although I personally own one in Monogram Canvas. The only reason I did that was because I own a Damier speedy 25 and I didn't want my bag and purse to look too matching. :P

    Here's a picture of my zippy coin purse next to my speedy 25...hopefully that helps give you a feel of its size.

    Picture 8.png
  10. I say Zippy in either mono or MC. It fits quite a bit and it still dainty at the same time.
  11. I would go for zippy in MC or mono too:tup:
  12. I vote for the PMP! It's very practical and it holds a lot. The Zippy isn't comfortable for me because it doesn't hold the coin very good! I love my PMP!
  13. more advices on these wallets' users pls.. Thx winnie83.. Tat's so nice & sweet of you to take pictures of ur zippy wallet. Can u place the wallet on your hand rather so i can get the 'Look & See' attribute. Thx..
  14. I vote for the zippy coin wallet. I have on in Damier Azur - here are some pics:

    and with the matching keyholder:

  15. I really like the zippy in MC! I have a ludlow in monogram mat and it's very pretty, but it doesn't hold as much as the zippy coin purse.