Zippy and Speedy 25?

  1. Does anyone here have the Zippy wallet and use it with a Speedy 25? As posted in another thread, I'm trying to decide if I want the wallet or another bag, but I need to see if the wallet would even fit in my Speedys (or is it Speedies for the plural, lol?) This may help my decision!
  2. The zippy organizer is a little difficult to fit in and epi 25 but much easier in a damier 25, imagine it would be the same fit in a mono. I'd go to the boutique if you can and try out the accessories in the bag to give you a better idea of what works best for you. HTH and good luck!
  3. speedy 25 with a pochette in there :smile: *pic*

    the zippy will fit on the speedy 25, it a tad bigger then the pti and that fits with n/p.

    I'm sure if you check the whats in your bag thread you'll find a few pic's there.
  4. i have a mono speedy 25 and i put a regular pochette inside it and that works fine. I dunno if that helps but the pochette is pretty good sized
  5. It'll fit, just start it out vertically then straighten it out horizontally when you put it down into the bag.
  6. Thanks for the help. I will go to the store and try it out just to be certain, but it looks like I may end up getting the zippy.