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  1. Is it fair to say that fakes regularly do not have riri zippers? This is pretty good litmus test along with the other normal things, correct? If you see riri it's a good sign....

  2. I had a bag authenticated in an outlet and the SA said one thing they check is the zips as a genuine Mulberry should have a riri zip
  3. Can someone please remind me again how to check for these zippers. Please feel free to make the instuctions very simple!
  4. You have to look underneath the zip, on the flat plate which you can't see unless you pull the zip about half way across then use your thumb to push the top of the zip and kind of turn the zip inside out. The flat plate should say riri.
  5. Bagbear I think I love you! I have a red mabel that i got at an asolute steal. I have been convinved for ages that it must have been fake, no evidence to back this up as looks like and feels like all the other goatskin mabels I have seen, but just couldn't believe my luck at price. Anyway, have checked the zip and the riri is there. Can I breath easy now? Have been too embarrassed to use it so far.
  6. I'm no expert but all my bags that have zips do say riri. I did buy a red mabel off Ebay once but unlike yours, mine was definatley fake, it smelt funny! The zip on it didn't say riri. Luckily I got my money back though.
  7. So is this the Red Mabel that you bought from the same ebay seller as Snowshoe's messenger bag? The seller that Paypal was holding the money for?

    Its real? Can you take it to a store just to check before you cancel your Paypal dispute, just to be on the safe side?
  8. Didn`t somebody else just buy a red mabel from them also ??

    ...was it bagcrazy ???
  9. Most Mulberry bags do have a riri zip but some older ranges of bags, including some ranges of luggage and holdhalls don't have a riri zip.
  10. my vintage bays has riri zipper had one hell of a job getting a small mirror in under zip and had to get a torch to read the mirror. the thngs us girls do in line with loving our bags :roflmfao:
  11. Hate to put a downer on this but some of the new fakes have fake riri zippers ! The word riri isn't right though , its too pronounced .
  12. Oh, bummer:sad:. MM, I was just looking over my phoebe in coconut glove leather, found the riri on the zip, can you just explain what "too pronounced" might look like? Thanks, I love this bag, but like Old Bags, have always sort of wondered . . .
  13. I bought that red Mabel, which turned out to be a fake. No riri zipper either!!
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