Zippers on Wristlet-Am I Crazy?

  1. Hi all,

    I did a fair today and used my punch wristlet. I unhooked the dogleash clip to put the strap through my belt loop.

    Now that I'm done, I'm freaking out that I lost a piece off of it. So you tell me, does this zipper have anything but the ring on it? Any leather "pull" or anything like that? It's now empty (well, just a ring) and I can't remember if I removed the clip from the zipper ring itself (mistakingly clipping it on the ring w/hangtag by accident) or if I actually lost a piece.

    Help? Did I take the clip off the zipper?
  2. NO worries! You just took the dogleash clip off the ring.

    They don't put separate zippers on most wristlets.

    It's hooked on to the ring on the zipper so when you pull the strap you can open the bag.

    You didn't loose anything! :smile:
  3. Oh good, but now I feel stupid lol. We could have gotten a ride home (it was so hot and looooong day) but I forced my family to walk exactly the way we came just in case heh.
  4. better to be safe then sorry :smile: