Zippers on Tivoli PM

  1. I just purchased a Tivoli PM yesterday and the zipper is so hard to use...any ideas?
  2. Hi, I hear that it loosens up over time:tup:
  3. A friend of mine has the Tivoli GM and the zipper sort of jams and gets stuck, but I have it and the zipper is fine.
  4. Thanks!:smile:
  5. I have the PM. The zipper was difficult to pull at first but it loosens up after about 2 weeks or so. Some people use wax on it but I wouldn't use anything.
  6. That's suprising considering on other LV mono bags the zippers seem to come buttery smooth.
  7. This is my third mono with a zipper and the other two were really smooth...
  8. just give it some time
  9. I think it's because of the should loosen up over time.
  10. I have the GM, and the zipper is difficult. I have had it since early December, it seems a little easier but I'm not sure if its loosening up or that I am getting used to it with the time :jrs:
  11. I think its the curve. I have an OLD Alma whose zipper is very finicky, and I have a brand new Tivoli GM and I have to gently tug on the zipper at times. I'm not real worried about it. If it were to get stuck, that would be quite a different story, but I think it will probably loosen up as the bag softens a little.
  12. I had an LH and now a Tivoli with the same problem. I brought it back to LV and they waxed the zipper and now it is much better. Better to have them do it, in case they screw up then me
  13. I agree with others, I do believe it's because of the curve but I think the curve is cute so are the pleats.
  14. I used it over the weekend and I just love it!!! but the zipper is hard to use.