zippers on giant hw bags

  1. are the zippers on the giant hw bags still lampo?
  2. Yep. :yes:
  3. thanks! :smile:
  4. The thing I hate most about the GH bags is the zipper. It will kill your fingernails and I think it's harder to unzip.
  5. Thanks Powerpuff 100 for the info as i was hesitatin whether to add GH bag to my current collection....i'm very particular abt my nails....u know that gals are vain right? must also look pretty with beautiful nails...hehehehe....:graucho: :graucho: :graucho:
  6. How does the zipper kill your fingernails? :confused1: I actually like the GH zippers because they're bigger and more substantial but maybe they're a tad harder to zip. Not to the point of being a problem or a flaw, IMO.